6 Tips to Manage Your Periods this Summer

How to manage your periods during summer

The summer season is here and the sweltering summers are common in India. For some, this is a great time to let loose on beach vacations and poolside parties. But for millions of women, it’s a time of dread since periods can be especially painful in the heat

The heat of summer can affect the length of your cycle, and it can also make bleeding heavier. You might also notice that you feel more fatigued than usual. Fortunately, there are ways to help you cope with the change in season. Here are some tips for keeping your period in line this summer:


When we think of summer, there are lots of images that come to mind like beautiful beaches, cold drinks and ice cream etc. While these are all wonderful things, they should be enjoyed in moderation. Drink plenty of water and avoid drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, which can actually dehydrate you more quickly.

drink more water to manage periods in summer


Did you know that lighter clothing can help keep your periods cooler too? This one is especially important during the hot and humid months but is something that women should take into consideration throughout the year as well. Wearing comfortable and breathable clothing during periods can help prevent painful friction between your thighs which can cause rashes, chaffing or worse if left untreated.


If you’re looking for a period product that won’t make you sweaty and uncomfortable, menstrual cups are an excellent choice.

They're an effective way of managing periods in the summer because they hold up to four times as much blood as tampons do, meaning you don't have to change them nearly as often or worry about leaking or staining your clothes—particularly useful when it's hot outside and you're wearing fewer layers than usual. They're also reusable, so once you've invested in one (or two), you won't need to buy extra every month like you would with tampons or pads.

So if you are scaling mountains, planning to spend the day swimming or if you’re hitting the road just pick up silicone menstrual cups like Imasafe menstrual cup and you are good to go.

imasafe menstrual cup for periods during summer


Eat healthy foods that are easy on your digestive system. Avoid spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and drinks with a lot of sugar, as these will make you feel even hotter on top of possibly worsening any digestive discomfort related to your period symptoms like diarrhea or bloating.


Exercise in moderation during your periods. You don’t have to give up on your gym sessions or outdoor activities completely just because you’re on your period, but some exercises are better suited than others for this time of the month. Running is another activity that can get tricky while menstruating—if you want to run, stick to trails where it won’t be so obvious if there are any accidents! Swimming is totally fine and can help relieve period cramps too!

do yoga to manage your periods in summer


Get enough sleep at night (ideally between seven to nine hours). Your body needs time to rest after an active day in the hot weather! However, much sleep works best for you is what's important—just make sure that it's not too little or too much compared to how much sleep you usually get during other times of the year. If needed (especially if allergies are bothering), take short power naps during the day instead--they're more effective at restoring alertness without disrupting regular sleeping patterns too badly like longer ones do :)



Though it may seem a bit tough to get into the summer spirit this year, but we have faith that you’ll find a way to enjoy the sun while staying safe. Just remember a good book, sunscreen, and, of course, your favourite menstrual cup!


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