Is Menstrual Cup Recommended for UTI Patients

is menstrual cup recommended for uti patients'

Ouch! UTIs can cause such discomfort that no one can forget. They’re common, annoying and they can be hard to kill. Many of us have been there. An estimate of 1 in 3 adult experiences UTI annually, while the rest will experience UTI at least once in their lifetime.


A Urinary Tract Infection (also called a “UTI”) can be any infection that occurs along the urinary tract. It happens when bacteria get into the urinary system and overgrow. It results in redness, pain, and swelling in the urinary tract. You can sense burning pain while peeing.

Is menstrual cup recommended for uti patients

 In order to avoid UTI, one must take proper care of their vaginal hygiene. Among all menstrual products, menstrual cups are considered as a safest option. The risks of getting an infection is minimal and mostly they’re all preventable.


Is menstrual cup recommended for uti patients
  • Cloudy or dark urine.
  • Blood in Urine.
  • Pain in Pelvis Area.
  • Burning sensation as you urinate.
  • Urine has strong odour
  • Increased urgency to urinate.


Menstrual Cups are a growing in demand choice for environmentally conscious period care. They seem to be very different to those who have only used traditional period products.
Is menstrual cup recommended for uti patients
The Vagina and Female Urinary system are very closely related but are completely separate. A menstrual cup in the vagina cannot interfere with urination, but front wall of the vagina is intimately associated with the bladder. Therefore, a poorly or wrong sized placed menstrual cup can result in bladder pressure symptoms. Try reinserting the cup a little higher or try a smaller size if you experience this.
Getting familiar with your anatomy and feeling comfortable inserting the cup is key. After inserting the cup if you aren’t confident that you have it fully sealed, try again. With practice you will gain confidence and feel like and expert in no time.


No, a menstrual cup does not cause UTI. If it happens, it’s probably because it hasn’t been inserted properly or that the hands were unclean while inserting. It is important that you sterilize the cup before and after use. If the menstrual cup is not sterilized it can cause UTI. So you must boil the cup for 3-5 minutes, before using it and repeat the same after your periods are over. You must take utmost care of your lower part as well as the cup, to avoid not only UTI but any other disease. You must avoid using a Menstrual Cup if you are allergic to Silicone/TPE.


UTIs are very common. But no, it is not advisable to use a Menstrual Cup during UTI. But once you have tackled the infection, you can use the Menstrual Cup with proper guidelines.
If you have recurrent UTIs, we advise you to head straight to your doctor and consult him on using a menstrual cup.

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